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The crew that came out today, 6-28-23, Keith, Jacob, and Hunter were very respectful and courteous. They did what they were asked to do cheerfully and carefully. I would happily use this crew for any moving in the future.

Janet G

I despise moving but RoadStar made my moving experience GREAT! They were on time, worked efficiently, and their staff were some of the nicest people I've met. I highly recommend choosing RoadStar on your next move!

Kimberly C

I was very pleased with our move with RoadStar. The crew was very courteous and went about the work very efficiently and professionally. I would highly recommend them.

Kevin K.

The guys at roadstar were so helpful and professional, I will definitely be using them again!

Autumn T
Keith A
Jacob P

The best moving company that I have ever dealt with, and I've moved a lot! The owner is a gracious and competent professional and made everything so easy. The crew of four were all well-mannered, friendly, and efficient; very impressive staff. I highly recommend RoadStar - you will enjoy your move.

Dor S.

Great overall moving experience

Chris C

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