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Residential and Commercial Moving in College Station, TX

Professional Commercial Moving Services

Planning for a commercial move is very different from planning to move houses. Commercial office moving requires advanced planning, budgeting, access to specialized equipment and tools, and professional movers. RoadStar Moving is an experienced commercial moving company with the equipment, expertise, and vehicles needed for a safe, efficient move. Our commercial moving services include packing and storage, inventory, and computer and technology equipment moving. Call us today to request an estimate for the cost of commercial moving and storage in College Station, TX.

How Do You Know When Your Business is Ready to Move?

Before planning a commercial move, you should make sure you and your staff are ready to move.

  • Is moving a worthwhile financial investment? Do a financial analysis and budgeting to determine if moving offices is a good financial move. If the benefits of your new office space outweigh the costs and inconvenience of moving, go ahead and begin planning your move.
  • Are you and your team prepared for the inconvenience of moving? Moving can be a big inconvenience for staff and customers. Make sure you’re ready to handle relocation logistics before committing to a move.

Most Common Reasons a Company Relocates

Because commercial office moving is such an investment of time and money, most business owners choose to make that investment if the benefits outweigh the costs. Schedule commercial moving services if you’re relocating your company due to any of these reasons:

  • Expansion and Growth – If your business has outgrown its current space or you’re planning for an expansion of equipment, employees, or products, it’s time to find a new office space.
  • Reduce Costs – Commercial office moving can actually reduce your costs in the long term. Finding a property to buy or lease that is a better investment that fits your needs and goals will free up your money in your budget for more important things.
  • Consolidating Offices – If you have more office space than you need or are making the switch over to hybrid office space, a commercial moving service can help you consolidate into a smaller office space that better meets your needs.
  • Lease Renewal and Expiration – One of the biggest reasons to hire a commercial moving and storage company is that your current lease is about to expire, and you want to find something better.
  • Access to New Markets – Moving offices can help you reach a new customer base and expand into new markets. A commercial office moving company can help you move into a location targeted for expanding your customer base.
  • Reorganization or Better Facilities – If your existing office space can no longer meet your storage, technology, or space needs, you should hire a local commercial moving company to plan your move into better facilities.

Factors to Consider While Relocating a Business

Before hiring a commercial moving company to plan your commercial move, you should consider certain key factors:

  • Cost – Hiring a commercial moving company, paying fees and deposits on new office space, and investing in commercial moving and storage services all come with costs. In most cases, the benefits you’ll get from your new office space will far outweigh the commercial moving costs.
  • Employee and Stakeholder Impact – Moving to a new location may have a negative effect on your employees. Some may live farther away from the new office space and may lose access to public transportation or carpool options.
  • Taxes, Customers, and Growth Capabilities – Moving offices may affect your tax liabilities. Your new office location may also affect your customers’ ability to reach you or visit your space. You should also consider how relocation will impact your company’s growth potential in the long term.
  • Community Impact – Closing your existing location may impact the surrounding community. Before beginning your commercial business moving planning, consider the community impact of relocation.

RoadStar Moving in College Station, TX

What Does Commercial Business Moving Involve?

You need to start vetting commercial office moving companies and planning your move as early as possible to make sure you’re completely prepared. A local commercial moving company can help you coordinate and execute your move so that everything is transported safely and securely. Your commercial move will:

  • Require More Planning – Most office spaces are much larger and more complex than the average home. This means more items to pack, large and heavy pieces of furniture to move, and complicated logistics and planning for the new space. A commercial moving company can help you inventory your property, pack it securely, and safely transport it to the new office building.
  • Involve the Transportation of Electronic Equipment and Sensitive Material – Unlike residential moves, commercial moving services require transporting complicated and expensive electronic equipment like computers, office printers and copiers, scanners, servers, and more. Your commercial moving company will also need to find the most secure and efficient method for transporting secure and sensitive material, like files, records, and equipment.

Contact Us for the Cost of Commercial Moving Services

Call us today or contact us online to request an estimate for the cost of commercial moving services in College Station, TX. We are fully licensed and insured for both in-state and out-of-state moving services and can handle any job, big or small. Our commercial moving experts plan hard, work efficiently, and adhere to your timeline and budget so that you have a successful commercial moving experience